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World Centre for Humanist Studies

The World Centre for Humanist Studies (WCHS) is an organization dedicated to the study, investigation and diffusion of the thought and vision of Universalist Humanism and its application to current social and scientific problems.

It supports all tendencies that go towards the development of knowledge over the limitations placed by prejudices that are accepted as absolute and immutable truths. It also promotes structural, dynamic, relational and critical thinking.

The WCHS was created in the 1st World Humanist Forum in Moscow in October 1993. Its activities were framed within the orientation of Universalist Humanism.

Beginning in April 2006 the continuation of the WCHS was set in motion by the CHS in Buenos Aires. In this same year new Centres of Humanist Studies (CHS) were formed in Barcelona, Santiago de Chile, Madrid, Moscow, Paris and Rome. (

What began then was a sustained activity by both autonomous and simultaneous action in different cities and countries. Meanwhile, beginning with seminars given in different cities in the Americas and in Europe, the study and investigative methodology of the WCHS was developed.

In November 2008 the 1st International Symposium of the WCHS, “Ethics in Knowledge”, was held in the Parks of Study and Reflection Punta de Vacas. The Symposium in Punta de Vacas was preceded by presentations in the Universidad de Cuyo, Argentina and the Universidad de Santiago, Chile. In this event the World Federation of Humanist Studies Centres was constituted, shaped by the CEHs earlier mentioned and others in formation, and formalized by the assistents taking the “Oath of Ethics”.

In April 2009 the CHS in Europe organized the “International Symposium about Non-violence” in the Parks of Study and Reflection in Attigliano (Italy).

A fine Ottobre 2010 il CMSU ha organizzato il Secondo Simposio Internazionale "Fondamenti della Nuova Civiltà" e il primo a carattere multicentrico. Sessioni del simposio sono state organizzate dai CSU nei Parchi di Studio e Riflessione di vari paesi del mondo. Per l’Europa: Attigliano (Roma) in Italia e Mikebuda (Budapest) in Ungheria. In Sudamerica: Punta de Vacas (Mendoza), La Reja (Buenos Aires) e Carcarañá (Santa Fé) in Argentina; Los Manantiales in Cile; Piribebuy (Assuncion) in Paraguay) e per l’Africa Marracuene in Mozambico.

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